Our Donors


Alberta Shorthorn Association (Rod MacKenzie Memorial)

The Alberta Shorthorn Association is a group of breeders that are dedicated to the propagation and promotion of great Shorthorn genetics. Rod was a purebred beef producer from Mountainview in Southern Alberta. He was recognized as an excellent stockman and a fine...

Dan Fullerton

Art and Shirley Froehlich (Dan Fullerton Memorial)

Dan Fullerton joined the Olds College family in 2002, and was an example of dedication for everyone who he worked with. As Director of Business and International Development, Dan had dream to connect coffee growers in the Dominican Republic with coffee lovers in...

Barb Lawton Memorial Fund

Barb Lawton Memorial Fund

Barb touched her classmates with her strength and dedication. She took challenges as the norm, excelling in athletics and fashion merchandising.

Barry Beaven

Barry Beaven Memorial Fund

Barry Beaven was born in Wilkie, Saskatchewan. He was a well-known and respected businessman in Calgary for over 33 years. Throughout the years, Mr. Beaven pursued his interest in raising Maine-Anjou cattle and was active in the Maine-Anjou Association. He enjoyed...

Blue Sky Solutions

Blue Sky Solutions Ltd.

With 25 years of experience within Canada’s Upstream Petroleum Industry, Blue Sky Solutions Inc. (Blue Sky) is an Alberta-based health, safety, and environment (HSE) consulting company providing services primarily within Alberta, however offering these same services...

Brian Hosegood

Brian Hosegood Memorial Fund

Brian was accepted into the very first class of the Transitional Vocational Program at Olds College. The following spring, Brian was hired by the College and was employed for twelve years. He was respected and well liked. His employer, Peter McKenna of Domco Food...

Bruce Cressey

Bruce Cressey Memorial Fund

Bruce grew up on a farm west of Red Deer and enrolled in the Agricultural Mechanics program at Olds College in 1982-83. He hoped to return to the farm once completing his program, but unfortunately he was lost due to an accident at a very young age. Bruce found...

Chad Johnstone

Chad Johnstone Memorial Fund

Upon the sudden, tragic loss of beloved husband Chad Johnstone, Marla Holdstock turned grief into a heartfelt gift to students at Olds College, where both she and Chad had attended as students. “Chad was passionate about ensuring there are well educated individuals...

Cleo Mowers

Cleo W. Mowers Memorial Fund

Mr. Cleo Walter Mowers was born on the family farm at Sibbald, AB and educated at Highland Park Rural School at Sibbald and as well as Alaska, SK. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1938 and took postgraduate studies at St.Andrew’s Theological...

Cyril K. (C.K.) Johns

Cyril K. (C.K.) Johns Memorial Fund

Dr. Cyril Johns graduated from Olds College in 1922. He was inducted into the Olds College Hall of Fame to honor his professional achievements as an internationally recognized Dairy Scientist. He was also an able speaker and a man of great integrity. C. K. started...

Dale Wesley

Dale Wesley Memorial Fund

Dale attended the Land Agent program at Olds College in 1986, and he earned a place on the Dean’s honor roll for his great academic achievements in his first semester. Dale passed away in 1987 due to an unfortunate truck accident. He will be remembered for his...

David Herbert

David Herbert Memorial Fund

Dave Herbert was an alumnus of Olds College, graduating from the Horticulture program in 1967. Dave returned to Olds College in the 1980’s in the capacity of Instructor and Coordinator where he inspired many students to pursue their career aspirations and dreams in...

Dennis Ratcliff

Dennis Ratcliff Memorial Fund

Dennis Ratcliff was a gifted, knowledgeable man who shared his love of life with all those around him. He attended the Olds School of Agriculture in 1947-48 then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. He taught Animal Science at Olds College, developed...

Richard (Dick) Thomson

Dick Thomson Memorial Fund

Dick Thomson was an Alumnus of Olds College, having graduated in 1978. In 1981 he returned, and began a remarkable 31 year career here at Olds College where he was an instructor, a coordinator and the chair of the School of Trades; finishing his Olds College career...

Diversity in Brewing

Diversity in Brewing

Diversity In Brewing is a non-profit grassroots initiative dedicated to celebrating and supporting diversity in the craft beer industry. Our objective is to promote and foster adiverse, respectful, safe, and welcoming brewing industry across Western Canada and...

Donna Mihailoff

Donna Mihailoff Memorial Fund

Donna Mihailoff’s life journey ended peacefully on January 24, 2003 in Olds, Alberta. Donna was born in Fairview, Alberta on September 21, 1945. She was a gifted student, had many friends and enjoyed her life in small town, Alberta. At the age of sixteen she...

Dan Cornish

Dr. Dan Cornish Memorial Fund

“Just call me Dan” was his introduction to folks in his life. People were Dan’s priority. As a past President of Olds College, it’s not difficult to imagine why this award was established.


Dwight Branson Memorial Fund

Dwight graduated from SAIT with his diploma in Petroleum Technology and continued his career in the oil and gas industry until his death. At the time of his death, Dwight and Lynn farmed in the Knee Hill Valley District. He loved the oil patch and found farming a...

Earl P. Bergman

Earl P. Bergman Memorial Fund

Earl Bergman attended the two-in-one Agriculture program in 1947. He then studied agriculture at the University of Alberta. Earl farmed and ranched all his life at Erskine, Alberta. He was very successful and always spoke highly of Olds College and enjoyed the...

Earthsmart Solutions

Earthsmart Solutions

Earthsmart Solutions was launched in 2014 with a goal to offer innovative and eco friendly products that are: safe for plants, animals and humans have no adverse effect on the environment meet the specific needs associated with a sustainable environment Our...

Edna Croswell

Edna Croswell Memorial Fund

Edna Croswell started working at Olds College in 1978 as the secretary for the Dean of Instructional Services. Edna was the Agricultural Mechanics Department secretary at Olds College, when she died suddenly in 1982. She was originally from Wildwood, Alberta and...

Edward J.W. Boake

Edward J.W. Boake Memorial Fund

Ed was a 1973 graduate of Olds College and proud of his affiliation with the College. From his early years he made it clear that he intended to farm, having a particular interest in the purebred Shorthorn and Angus beef business. Ed successfully fulfilled this goal,...

Ernest Anton Gisler

Ernest Anton Gisler

Ernest Anton Gisler came to Canada in 1962 at age 26, following his older brother Werner to Alberta. Together with Vern and his wife Pam, they began a dairy farm east of Innisfail in 1964. Over the course of thirty years, Gisler Brothers Dairy grew from ten cows in...

Florence Erion

Florence Erion Memorial Fund

The youngest sibling of 15 in the Erion farm family at Scapa near Hanna, Alta., Florence was loved by family, friends colleagues. During her 30-year career in oil and gas production, starting as a paralegal at Dome Petroleum and retiring as a vice president at Encana...

Frances Camyre

Frances Camyre Memorial Foundation Fund at the Calgary Foundation

Frances Camyre was a well known pioneer in the oil business. Known to virtually everyone in the business, she had a great many friends in the oil industry. She highly valued post-secondary education, as this was one opportunity that she herself had missed.

George Fawcett

George Fawcett Memorial Fund

The George Gavin Fawcett Memorial Scholarship is in memory of an Alberta Pioneer who attended Olds College in 1925. He received his degree in Agriculture from the University of Alberta in 1930. He was an active farmer in a family partnership for over thirty...

Margaret Archer

Gerald Archer (Margaret Archer Memorial)

Margaret Archer (Atkinson) graduated from Olds College in 1950. She worked alongside her husband Gerald running a mixed dairy and grain farming operation, besides raising six children and earning extra money selling eggs and her well-known “milk-fed” chickens and...

Harlow Sutherland

Harlow Sutherland, B.Sc (Memorial)

Born in St Paul, Minn., in 1916. Attended High School in Alberta, and went on to the University of Minnesota, taking Agricultural Biochemistry. He was a member of the Chi Phi Academic Fraternity. Sigma Phi American Honorary Scientific Fraternity, and the Chemical...

Holly Hallett

Holly Hallett Memorial Fund

Holly Hallett was a past president of the Alberta Women’s Institute. In addition to her interest in local county administration and environmental issues, she worked to promote leadership and development of rural Alberta women. The award is not only to preserve her...

I.A.T.S.E Local 212

I.A.T.S.E Local 212 (Tracey "Trak" Hooper Memorial Fund)

Tracey Dawn Hooper was a loving daughter, sister, and aunt. Tracey was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and devoted her life to community theatre throughout her twenty two year career as wardrobe mistress. Tracey, aka ‘Trak’ was a very talented, special lady...