Rocky Mountain House Agricultural Society

The bursary can be used for any post-secondary educational program of four months or longer. Non-agricultural programs of studies will also be considered.
Applicants must have lived on a farm in the Rocky Mountain House or David Thompson High School area for at least one (1) year.
Preference will be given to applicants who participate in farm and home operations, and who explain how farming has impacted them.
Academic standing will be considered but will not be the only criteria.
Community volunteering, which is work without payment, is important to this bursary. Applicants are required to list their volunteer activities.
If there are more than five (5) qualifying applicants, consideration will be given to applicants whose family members are or have been active members of the Rocky Mountain House Agricultural Society; who are enrolled in agriculture related programs; or who are entering the final year of their program of studies.

$1000 - up to 5 student(s)