Bob Collier Award

To be awarded to a student enrolled full-time at Olds College in any program. The student must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0. The successful recipient must portray excellence in innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial aptitude in relation to the farming and agriculture sector. Students must answer a question set detailing an innovative and creative idea they believe would benefit the Canadian agriculture and farming industry. Ideas may be new or pre-existing if students effectively identify improvements or revisions to concepts already marketed.

To be considered complete the series of questions. The top ten applicants will be selected based on the answers provided. These finalists will present their idea to a panel of judges to determine the top five winners.

$6000 - up to 5 student(s)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit an innovative and creative idea that you believe would benefit the Canadian agriculture and/or farming industry.
    • A) Explain in detail what your idea is. What problem is it solving?
    • B) How did you come up with your idea?
    • C) What is new or different about your product or service?
    • D) Describe your personal experience leading to your idea.
    • E) Risk Factors & Risk Management. Who is your competition? What are your barriers to entering the market?
    • F) What are the estimated costs of taking your idea to market?
    • G) Market Demand - detail the local or global opportunities.
    • H) Why are you the best person to develop this idea? Detail your knowledge, skills and resources available to you.
    • I) Add any other information you would like to share about your idea.
    • J) Upload any diagrams, charts or documentation that help to illustrate your idea.
    • K) If you are selected for this award, how would you spend the money?