The Strouckel Family Foundation

The Strouckel Family Foundation

Frances Strouckel attended Olds College for two years, graduating in 1962 in Home Economics.
She went on to pursue a career at Burns Foods for 23 years before returning to the Rosebud, Alberta area to help run the family farm.

The Strouckel family first settled in Schuler, Alberta
In May of 1946, after thirty-six years of drought, windstorms and many crop failures, the Strouckel family moved to a rural area southeast of Rosebud, Alberta called CX.
Their new home consisted of a granary and a couple of lean-tos added on.
To this day, The Strouckel Family farm boasts 13 quarter sections of land in Wheatland County.


The Strouckel family helped to start the Community Branding Circuit in the early 1950s.
The work was usually done in June or July, with a different herd being handled each day.
Usually about 400 calves were done every spring.