Julie Calderwood

Julie Calderwood

Julie Calderwood’s energy has been pivotal to numerous college successes.

Julie is the past President of the Alumni Association
Former member of the Board of Governors.
Past Director on the Olds College Foundation.

Julie was one of the first female valedictorians for her graduating class.
She has been a mentor to other people around her, paving new trails and motivating others.

Julie was inducted into the Olds College Alumni Hall of Fame in July 20, 2007
Julie was an Olds College Honorary Degree Recipient in 2015.


Julie sponsors six student scholarships and established the Olds College Student Industry Engagement Fund.
Julie is all about the students and enhancing their learning experience.
Julie believes in hard-work and community involvement.

Julie’s volunteer commitment reaches far beyond the campus.
She was a member of the Olds Hospital Fundraising Committee until 2019.
She has been involved in the Rotary Club of Olds initiatives, which includes travelling to and delivering wheelchairs to three countries.
She has been involved in several agricultural related community initiatives, and hosted 30 students through the International Agricultural Exchange Association over a 10 year period.